Saturday, July 9, 2011

YOUTUBE gets a makeover!!

Its been a huge week for online videos, with big players like Google and Facebook launching their respective services like 'Hangout', 'facebook video chat' etc. So how could we even imagine, that the numen of online video sharing- 'YOUTUBE' could stay away from the celebrations.

Cosmic panda

Thus to add to the party, Youtube releases an entirely new interface and they call it - 'COSMIC PANDA'.It has been made semi public, and in just a couple of days, it has been warmly embraced by the user community worldwide.

Click here to meet the panda ;)

Saturday, April 16, 2011


The following sample contains a flash application that enables users to tag their photos. For developers, they can add this exciting and very popular feature on their websites to enhance their user experience.

You can download the source code by clicking the link given below the sample flash.



PS - Why should facebook have all the fun :P

Monday, February 21, 2011

SnapShot........Roger Dat!!!

If a computer is supposed to have a vision, then the camera certainly has to be the eye.

The following application enables user to work with real-time data streaming in, from a web-cam. For developers, the code is rite below...and for the rest, just enjoy clickin photos.

Download Source

I have modified a pretty simple program converting the input from the camera into a bitmap, which is later encoded into JPEG image format.

The source contain two folders, one saving the image using "FileReference" while the other uses a "PHP script"....u can download as per your requirements.

1)Using file reference
2)Using PHP

Comments, criticisms, bugs, ideas, ... welcome.

Happy Clickin :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Say Cheese ;)

Man has always been cribbing about his past. Whether its an "I shouldn't have done that" guilt or "i wish i was there again" reminiscence, we have been drowning in the "PAST- TENSE" drain since time immemorial .

To add to the misery, an instrument that could enable the humans to linger on to the happy/sad memories forever, was developed in the 17th century - THE CAMERA.

But with time, photography has evolved from a mere collection of memories to a Giant Commercial playground. In addition to capturing the entire social experience, with the advancement of digital image processing techniques the camera has found its room in the field of automation, virtual games, advertising, films, fashion, sports, entertainment and more. Apart from its business utility, cameras have proved to be of great importance in national security, and medicine. And with photography, so have evolved the cameras.

The overwhelming growth of digital photography in domestic use is a joint payoff by the hardware and software advancements, with the zoom lenses and the wide focus options on one hand and the mega pixels, ISO, face detection on the other. And not to forget, the lavish breeding of smart phones and social networking websites with their numerous tagging options, have taken "clicking photos" to altogether a new level.

So now all you need to do is "Say Cheese" and Re-Re-live a Party forever and ever ;-)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Just another Blogger? or Not?


Well it took me a year now, to convert my deep desire of writing a blog into a real one on Google's database. If i try to figure out a reason for this enlightenment delay....what first comes to my mind is the prolonged analysis process on "WHAT NOT TO WRITE ON MY BLOG"....

i am fully aware and confident that nobody would be amused by reviews based on my dinky knowledge on current affairs,

.....or in some relationship advice

........and definitely not in my stupid social life

..............But then one fine evening, i knew it all!